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KJT Bournemouth Plumber is your local professional fast response and reliable plumbing & drainage service for the Bournemouth and neighbouring areas. We cover a vast area including all Sandbanks and Poole areas as well as the whole of the City of Bournemouth.

In fact if you have a BH Postcode we’ll be able to get out to you in no time. Not looking for an emergency or fast response plumber? Not to worry we have availability to suit even the busiest schedules. Can’t find the time to call a plumber and discuss your plumbing issues?

There’s no reason to worry about that either because here at KJT Bournemouth Plumber not only do we provide 24/7 plumbing services but we also provide 24/7 technical office support so if you’re struggling to find the time for a chat, don’t.

Bournemouth at night

Call us whenever you need to because we’ll  always have a trained office team member to answer your calls no matter the time or the date. Did you know that we also don’t close on weekends or bank holidays? That’s right don’t worry about it being the weekend or a bank holiday because for us it’s business as usual.

We still won’t charge you a call out fee and we still won’t charge you any VAT on any of our goods and services, so if you were wondering how we keep our prices so competitive then we hope that answers your question.

Centrally Located Plumbing Service Bournemouth

With a central location and plumbers out and about on a daily basis we’ll be sure to get someone out to you in no time when required. And if you don’t have a wide open schedule or you’d like one of our experienced plumbers to call in out of hours when you’re free then we can arrange for that to happen for no extra charge. Call now and speak to one of our trained representatives today and find out why so many homes and businesses in the Bournemouth area trust KJT Bournemouth Plumber with their emergency and non emergency plumbing tasks day in and day out.


Bournemouth daytimeSanjay was experiencing some plumbing issues in his shops when his drains kept getting blocked every couple of weeks, our plumbing experts were able to tell him that this was not a normal occurance and actually found out that the cause of the regular blocked drains was in fact from the flat above Sanjays shop flushing large quantities of wet wipes down the toilet. We were able to speak to the residents of the flat above and advise them on what to and what not to be  throwing down the toilets.


Join Sanjay and the thousands of other homes and businesses that use and trust KJT Bournemouth Plumbers when they are experiencing plumbing issues. Whether commercial or residential, external or internal plumbing issues we’ll get  to the bottom of the issue and resolve it for a competitive rate with no fuss and no mess and the highest level of customer service we could possibly provide. Call now and speak to the professionals.